Design & Consultation

FEMA code, in conjunction with state and local building codes, can often be confusing and conflicting.  Even many engineering and architectural firms that do not specialize in flood mitigation…

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Storm Products

We continually grow our portfolio of flood-related products. We currently offer certified engineered flood vents, spray foam insulation, HVAC stands, hot water stands and sandbags through…

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Project Management

Flood Mitigation HR stands apart from other companies because of our comprehensive turnkey approach to mitigation projects. It is essential that if you are thinking of buying in a flood…

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NFIP and Insurance

Government and insurance paperwork is usually inundating, confusing, redundant and time consuming. That’s why we do it for you. Included in our turnkey approach…

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What our customers are saying

We are building a home in a flood zone. Wanting to make sure that the home was as resistant to storm surge as possible and that the flood insurance premiums were not cost prohibitive we retained Flood Mitigation Hampton Roads as a consultant for the project. After reviewing the plans their input was extremely helpful and no doubt resulted in significant savings with our premiums. The rate of return on their fee was well worth it.-Developer